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Hoco Lights Limited provides services, quality products and affordable pricing to every customer all around the world. We are able to design for you exclusively, also can do your own designs and private label. A large amount of families in North America and Europe are using products supplied from us, including LED candles, Home Decorative lights, Holiday Lights. We set a large product exhibition center in Ningbo to show a wide range of home items and holiday stuff.W Hoco Lights keep growing and moving with the target of being one of the top service provider in the lines of home and holiday lighting.
Hoco Lights Limited was founded in 2014 with it?? own exporting brand ??OCO??and OEM services,which mainly engaged in all kinds of LED candles, LED lights, lighting holiday decorations and lighted party items. Hoco has its own factories and foreign trade companies.The factory has about 40 people, has 5 complete flow first, can guarantee the product production efficiency, has a professional research and development team, develop new products.China 10 Led Christmas Tree Candles

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